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WWE News: Stone Cold speaks about Vince McMahon, backstage altercation and more

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The Texas Rattlesnake opened up on Vince McMahon's psyche during the podcast

Vince Russo’s online podcast, the Brand, had Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest recently. Stone Cold spoke on a number of issues during the podcast, including his relation with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, backstage altercations with Jeff Jarett and much more.

Austin hailed Vince McMahon saying that he had never come across anyone who was as unique, during his career. Stone Cold alluded to Vince’s never say die attitude, as he said that Vince wasn’t one of those guys who stayed down.

The ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ said that Vince took a lot of bumps inside the ring for the business. Austin pointed out that Vince could have just hired more guys and booked them in matches, but he decided to take the tough road and step into the ring himself with the guys.

Austin recalled an insane bump that Mr McMahon took at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre pay per view. In a highly dangerous spot, McMahon fell from the side of the cage into the announce table. Vince Russo also chipped in, saying that the bump took a toll on Mr McMahon’s body as his back was bruised for days after that bump.

During the interview, Stone Cold also recalled his last meeting with Vince after a podcast on the WWE network. Austin said that it was a pleasure to sit with Vince for about 30 minutes, discussing life. Russo pointed out that despite his best efforts, he and McMahon hadn’t seen each other since 2002.

The focus of the podcast then shifted to Jeff Jarett and his beef with Stone Cold. Russo dug out the incident when Jarett returned to the WWE and knocked off Austin’s 3:16 gimmick, without even running it by Steve beforehand.

Austin said that he was furious with Jarett’s actions that night. Austin pointed out that the promo threatened to lay waste to the hard work that he had put in, to get the 3:16 gimmick over with the audience.

‘The Bionic Redneck’ said that the two men have buried the hatchet since then, but he was infuriated when Jarett had called out his gimmick in the presence of a live audience.    

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