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WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin details a nasty backstage altercation with Big Bossman

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Stone Cold once had an altercation with Big Bossman
Stone Cold once had an altercation with Big Bossman

What's the story?

Stone Cold Steve Austin was known as The Texas Rattlesnake in the ring and he was thought to have that same attitude outside of it, but the former world champion himself only ever had one huge backstage altercation in his career.

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In case you didn't know...

Steve Austin had a documented history with Vince McMahon throughout his career and that led to a number of altercations between the two men where at one point Austin walked away from the company when he refused to lose a match to Brock Lesnar back in 2002.

Austin has always been a man who has spoken his mind and this was one of the things that the fans loved about him throughout his time in the squared circle.

The heart of the matter

On the most recent episode of The Steve Austin show, the former WWE superstar opened up about one of the worst backstage incidents of his career, which included an altercation with The Big Bossman. (transcript via WrestlingInc)

“The hottest I ever got in professional wrestling was when we was working the Keel Center in St. Louis, Missouri, and we was working an angle and I don’t remember who I was working with; but, Big Bossman was supposed to run out there and hit me with a chair to cause me to lose the match."

The planned spot was for Austin to lose the match after Big Bossman attacked him with a chair, but it came to the end of the match and Bossman was nowhere to be seen. Jerry Brisco was the man who came out and attacked Austin instead and The Rattlesnake stated that by the time he got backstage he was fuming.

"I'm like, ‘Where is he?’ Here comes Ray [Big Bossman]. He had been in the back talking to Undertaker while the match was going on. I guess Undertaker was in the main event or had already wrestled and man, I lit into Big Bossman. It was the loudest cuss job I’d probably ever done in the history of the business and I never ever lose my cool like that, never in a million years….I really uncorked on Ray [Big Bossman] because I was really upset he wasn’t there. Not only did he mess up the match…but that nullified our angle that we were supposed to work and I was looking forward to working with Ray [Big Bossman]."

What's next?

Stone Cold was last seen on WWE TV back at Raw 25 and there has been no talk of the WWE Hall of Famer returning to the company in the near future.

Do you think Austin was right to react the way he did? Have your say in the comments section below!

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