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WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals the science behind executing a perfect stunner

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Perhaps the greatest ever!

What’s the story?

The Stunner is arguably the most iconic finisher known to mankind, and Steve Austin is the reason why it is recognised worldwide. After a botched Stunner from Kevin Owens in his Royal Rumble match against Roman Reigns, Austin took it upon himself to explain the art of executing a perfect Stunner.

On his podcast, The Steve Austin Show, The Texas Rattle Snake educated the fans and hailed it a three step process. Here is the video, in case you want to hear it from the man himself:

In case you didn’t know...

During his Royal Rumble match against Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens borrowed the legendary move from Austin’s arsenal in an attempt to take down the Roman Empire. However, The Big Dog managed to kick out of it at the nick of time. Owens eventually won the fight, albeit with a little help from Braun Strowman.

Here are some highlights from the match:

The Heart of the Matter

Austin gave a detailed illustration on how to execute the perfect Stunner and explained the science behind it. 

Step 1-:  Kick the opponent in the gut

Austin said that once you kick the opponent in the gut, right in the diaphragm, it cuts out the oxygen supply and the person looses the sense of movement in an effort to catch his breath.  And that is where the next step comes in...

Step 2-: Secure the head and lock the jaw down

Austin insisted on the science behind this and stated that this step is often overlooked by people when they try to execute the Stunner. He compared this step to an uppercut but asserted that it is much more lethal since the body weight of both men comes down on the shoulder Here is what he said:

So, basically, when you grab that head, put it on top of your collarbone. This AC region, your trapezoid right on the end of your shoulder, you're locking that jaw down.

Step 3 -: Hit the mat 

Austin said that once the executor hits the mat, it spring their back right up, thereby sending the force right up their vertebrate onto the jaw of the opponent which is enough to knock the person out of his senses.

What’s next?

While Owens has abstained from commenting on his new found knowledge, he surely would have learnt a valuable lesson on stunning someone.

Sportskeeda’s take

This was perhaps the greatest breakdown of the Stunner, courtesy of the man who made it iconic. It is a testament to his knowledge of wrestling, and we as the fans of the sport cannot fail to acknowledge Austin’s contributions to the pro wrestling industry.

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