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WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin slams fans for calling him a coward

7.65K   //    20 May 2019, 07:58 IST


What's the story?

WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently got into a Twitter war with a bunch of fans.

Austin shared a video of an incident that shows Triple H punching a fan who tried to attack Austin, which didn't sit well with the Twitterati who proceeded to call him a coward.

In case you didn't know...

The incident in question took place when WWE went to Germany for an event in the late 90s. During a match between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin, a fan rushed into the ring and tried to attack Austin.

Triple H didn't seem too thrilled with this and began a beatdown on the fan until he was rescued by security. Austin brought up the incident on his podcast back in 2013 and talked about how he couldn't help Triple H beat the fan up because he was a babyface.

The thing about it is when you pay your money to come into that building, you've earned the right to voice your opinion. Cheer, boo, do whatever to the wrestlers, and we expect that. When someone crosses those rails or someone comes between those ropes, you're considered fair game.

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The heart of the matter

This weekend, Austin retweeted the video of the incident and got into a Twitter war with a string of fans who weren't happy with how Triple H handled the situation. He wrote, "A story about how it was and is.." to which several fans responded, with some going as far to call him a coward.

One fan stated how Triple H punched the fan even after he was pinned down, and called it a cowardly move. Another chimed in and implied that Triple H was trying to kill the fan. The Rattlesnake gave fitting replies to both, but this incident does raise a bunch of burning questions, with the biggest one being: was Triple H in the right in what he did?


What's next?

Retweeting the video has landed Austin in hot water with some fans. Hopefully, it doesn't escalate much beyond this and the incident remains in the past.

What do you think? Did Triple H do the right thing?