WWE News: Stone Cold's ex-wife reveals the story behind his name

Stone Cold with Lady Blossom

– One of the biggest stars of the Attitude Era had everything going on for him, the wrestling ability, the look and most of all his peculiar name, Stone Cold Steve Austin. But before the whole foul mouthed, hard hitting, Texas Rattlesnake gimmick, Austin had the drab Ringmaster persona. Jeanie Clark, Austin’s ex-wife, known as Lady Blossom back then recently revealed the story behind the iconic moniker.

Clarke who was married to Steve Austin said in an interview with that she accidently came up with the name Stone Cold. She said that Austin got the idea for the gimmick after watching a TV show which had a character called the Iceman.

Austin suggested to the WWE offices to change his name to Ice Dagger or Fang McFrost which were not received very well. Clark stated that she came up with a name suddenly by coincidence when she told Austin to drink his tea before it got cold.

“He would drink hot tea, and he was sitting by the edge of the bed and I just said 'don't worry, you'll think of something. Now drink your tea before it gets stone cold. There it is, there's your name’”.

Clarke who broke up with Austin fought a serious case of addiction towards prescription drugs. She spoke about it in an interview after the recent passing of WWE great Chyna. Clarke who almost killed herself due to the drugs said that she was on the same things that Chyna was on. She confessed to being addicted in the interview and deeply regretted the passing of women like Chyna in wrestling due to drug use.


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