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WWE News: Sunil Singh comments on his match against AJ Styles 

Soumik Datta
4.48K   //    25 Oct 2017, 21:38 IST

Sunil Singh in action against AJ Styles

Sunil Singh in action against AJ Styles

What’s the story?

On this week’s episode of Smackdown Live, former United States Champion AJ Styles went toe-to-toe with one half of the Singh Brothers, Sunil Singh.

Despite suffering a loss against Styles on the evening, Sunil Singh did not hesitate in showing his gratitude towards “The Phenomenal One” as he took it to the social media and claimed he was honoured in sharing the spotlight with the former WWE World Champion.

In case you didn’t know…

Formerly known as Gurv Shira, Sunil Singh has been working for the WWE since 2016, alongside his brother Samir Singh. The two men first started out in the WWE as part of the company’s first ever Cruiserweight Classic tournament that was held in 2016.

However, earlier this year both men were called up to the main roster and they immediately formed an alliance with the current WWE World Champion Jinder Mahal. Sunil and Samir, since then, have been a major part of the WWE roster and have been helping Jinder win numerous major matches throughout 2017.

The heart of the matter

Sunil Singh faced AJ Styles on this week’s episode of Smackdown Live, in a match which could very possibly be the biggest of Sunil’s career so far. However, the bout did not last long as Styles managed to win the contest inside one minute after Sunil tapped out to the Calf Crusher.

Later on in the day, Sunil decided to take it to Instagram and showed his appreciation towards AJ Styles, whom he claimed to be as “one of the best in the world”.


The Burnaby native would also go on to state that it was 12 years ago this week that he had his very first pro wrestling match in Surrey and a decade later he was honoured to share the ring with Styles.

What’s next?

Sunil and Samir have been playing a major part on Smackdown Live ever since they were called up to the main roster. The two men have also helped Jinder Mahal retain his WWE Title on numerous occasions.

But, up next for the Singh Brothers is a challenge which they have never faced before as “The Modern Day Maharaja” sets his sights in slaying “The Beast” Brock Lesnar at this year’s Survivor Series. There is no doubt that both Sunil and Samir would give their best to try and make sure that Mahal is able to beat Lesnar next month at the Toyota Center.

Author’s Take

It is great to see that despite being a heel Sunil Singh is not afraid to give credits where it’s due. Personally, I liked Sunil’s gesture as he thanked AJ in a very warm manner via his Instagram post.

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