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WWE News: Superstar debuts dangerous new finisher on Raw

Greg Bush
18.59K   //    08 Oct 2019, 07:22 IST

As if Aleister Black wasn't dangerous enough already
As if Aleister Black wasn't dangerous enough already

The Singh Brothers were in for a pretty bad night when they decided to accept the challenge of the Striking Man from Amsterdam. However, this was the first episode of RAW that Black had been on in months, having been split from his tag team partner Ricochet following the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up.

As one could imagine, even in a two-on-one situation, the odds would more than likely lie with the former NXT Champion. Black made quick work of the 205 Live tag team, immediately rocking Samir with a massive roundhouse as soon as the bell rang. Sunil tried to get some revenge but was pelted by some brutal strikes, leaving him nearly unconscious less than a minute into the match.

Samir was knocked out after being met by the Black Mass, leaving Sunil to face the Harbinger of Fury. And didn't end well for him.

Sunil Singh taps to the Dragon Slayer

Though he blasted Samir Singh with the Black Mass sending him rolling ot the outside, Aleister Black opted to finish his brother off in a different fashion. It's not just his lightning fast strikes Black's future opponents will have to watch out for. Tonight, he brought out a classic move from his arsenal, one he hadn't yet used in the WWE.

The Dragon Slayer, a modified Dragon Sleeper, quickly forced Sunil Singh to tap out, giving Black a victory in a handicap match in under two minutes. Don't worry, you can check out the carnage in the clip above. From bell to bell, Black annihilated the Singh Brothers and sent a message to anyone who's thinking of challenging him in the near future.

WIth the Draft coming up soon, one has to wonder where Aleister Black will land. Will he stay on Friday Night SmackDown, or will Monday Night Raw be the new home of the Anti-Hero? Either way, no one is safe from the most dangerous striker in the company.

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