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WWE News: Superstars congratulate Zack Ryder on his 10th Anniversary in the WWE.

The Long Island native has completed a decade in the WWE.

Zack Ryder has had a unique tenure with the WWE for the past 10 years. 

What’s the story?

Zack Ryder completed 10 years in the WWE today. He was congratulated by a number of fellow wrestlers on a number of social media platforms on this occasion. Here is a video where Ryder reflects on his decade-long journey in the WWE as his contemporaries congratulate him:


In case you didn’t know...

Zack Ryder has had a unique career in the WWE since he made his debut in 2007 alongside Curt Hawkins as a part of Edge’s La Familia.

After being dissatisfied with his position in the company, Ryder started a web-series called,  “Z! True Long Island Story” in 2011. This led to him getting super over with the fans and also resulted in him winning the WWE United States Championship.

He was a part of the 7-men ladder match at Wrestlemania 32 for Kevin Owens’s WWE Intercontinental and surprisingly won the title only to lose it to The Miz the next night on RAW. Ryder was drafted to Smackdown LIVE where he reformed the Hype Bros with Rawley. He has been off TV for a while because of a knee injury.

The Heart of the matter

A number of wrestling personalities have often let out their thoughts on how Ryder was booked and have heavily criticised those decisions. However, even after being victimised by the unfair booking decisions of the WWE Creative team, Ryder has worked relentlessly to earn every opportunity in sight. 

Nikki Bella went a step ahead and made an entire video talking about and congratulating Ryder. This proves that even after being brutally misused, Ryder has earned the love and respect of his co-workers and continues to be a lovable figure in the WWE Locker Room.

Here’s a video posted by Nikki Bella:


What’s Next?

Ryder has been out with an injury since months now. He is expected to be back in action very soon.

Before getting injured, however, Ryder won Hype Bros a shot at Smackdown LIVE’s Tag Team Titles. So it shouldn’t come off as a surprise if he decides to pursue the titles upon his return in the near future. 

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Author’s take

Ryder has been one of the most popular yet criminally underrated superstars in the history of this business. He has often been a victim to bad booking and terrible creative decisions. However, the Broski has had his moments in this decade-long journey of his. I would love to see him acquire the Tag Team gold on SmackDown LIVE alongside Mojo Rawley. 

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