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WWE News: Tag team reportedly broken up due to their growing popularity  

26.64K   //    07 Jun 2019, 01:19 IST

Triple H and Vince McMahon
Triple H and Vince McMahon

What's the story?

When you go back, there have been only a handful of tag teams that have stood the test of time and have never been meddled with by the creative team. Most teams are split up to facilitate singles pushes and not all of them worked out well.

Despite their unceremonious exits, Enzo and Cass were one of the most popular pairings in the WWE at one point in time. The decision to break the team up is still regarded as one of the biggest missteps made by WWE in recent memory, but what forced the company to pull the trigger?

Enzo Amore was on the Keeping 100 with Konnan podcast on which he spilt the beans regarding their split.

In case you didn't know...

Enzo and Cass rose through the ranks in NXT with a fan-favourite gimmick and their rousing popularity earned them a spot on the main roster in 2016.

All the promise faded away as the duo was never booked to win the tag team titles. The WWE Creative would split them up in 2017 and before anyone knew it, both Enzo and Cass were released on separate occasions.

Enzo was shown the door after sexual allegations were levelled against him (now ceased due to lack of evidence). Cass was punished for his bad attitude and behavioural problems.

While Cass got back to wrestling on the independent circuit after his release, Amore began pursuing a career in rap and even invaded Survivor Series in a bid to gain some social media traction.

Amore has been a part of many shoot-style interviews off late and has disclosed many interesting tidbits about his time in the WWE and the subsequent departure.

The heart of the matter

Enzo was on pro wrestling veteran Konnan's podcast and he made a few shocking claims about WWE breaking up the popular tag team.


The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion revealed that the 'scary' popularity of their team didn't sit well with some of the WWE higher-ups. Blaming backstage politics for the split, Enzo said there were many people behind the scenes who were jealous of his success and tried their best to bring him and Cass down.

Enzo explained, "If you think about it, me and Big Cass at one point were the No. 1 merchandise selling people in the company. In the height of our run, we were split up in the No. 1 ratings draw in the company. If you had kept me and Cass together, or given us the tag titles, or given one of us a push towards the title and the other one pushed towards the title, there was some major super-star potential there, which was a scary thought to those in the higher-ups, or they creatively had a different take."

The former 205 Live star put himself over by saying, "When I debuted in an arena on television and everyone in the arena introduced me and Cass, from there on up I never went down. I peaked and went out with a title on my waist. So, from the NXT days, I was charismatic and over the top with a character, but was very approachable at a mall, or in a store; I never said no to a picture, and the love for me was different than with some other people. So, when I did things, I embraced all of that and I never let, as I make light on a character phrase, I never let a cup of haters dictate my life because I never had to politic." H/t credit: WrestlingInc and Peter Bahi

Enzo even spoke about his character being similar to John Cena's Doctor of Thugonomics gimmick, and the problems currently faced by WWE amongst other topics.

You can check out the full podcast here.

What's next?

Enzo and Cass recently reunited at the G1 Supercard event featuring Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling talents. Rebranded as nZo and CaZXL, the duo have stated that they will be working together going forward, collectively known as the FreeAgentZ.