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WWE News: Taz believes Cesaro and Sheamus will take the Tag Team titles from The New Day

Rohit Nath
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Will the pair gel well?

Cesaro and Sheamus have done a first in their Best of Seven series – ended it in a draw. Best of Seven series always have had conclusive winners, but in this case, a great match between the two at Clash Of Champions ended up in a double count out.

The next night on Raw,  General Manager Mick Foley told the two that they would not have another match as he did not want them to destroy each other. He then said that the “Championship match” planned for the winner would be given to both of them, as they would have to team up with each other and challenge for the Tag Team titles in the near future.

This was quite a surprise for people,and the pair had their first match against two enhancement talents, which looked like a match scheduled for showcasing the friction between the two, with each trying to better the other. However, there seems to be a hint that these two will pair up in the coming future.

Since Cesaro is unlikely to turn heel as fans organically cheer him, it is highly possible that Sheamus turns babyface and they become a face tag team that gets along well.

ECW Legend Taz runs his own online streaming show on CBS Radio called The Taz Show which runs on weekdays. All the way back in June before Money In The Bank, Taz had openly stated that The New Day should have dropped the title as they do not need it anymore.

At first, it seemed that WWE were attempting to drag their reign to a year, and then when they did not lose it at Summerslam, it was believed that they would lose it at Clash Of Champions. After they still didn’t lose it at the PPV, people believed they would lose it on Raw the next night as their reign would have touched 400 days by then. However, The New Day still didn’t lose the titles. 

Taz stated on a recent episode of his show that he believes that Cesaro and Sheamus will be the ones to dethrone The New Day. However, this would mean that the program between The New Day & Cesaro and Sheamus would have to last another few months, as it is being speculated that WWE intends to have New Day break Demolition’s record setting reign of 478 days. The New Day are currently on 406 days.

The said reason behind WWE wanting the record to be broken is because Demolition was recently involved in a lawsuit against WWE.

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