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WWE News: Ted DiBiase Jr. spotted backstage at WWE Live Event

The former WWE Superstar took pictures with current stars backstage.

The 34-year-old superstar made a backstage return to WWE recently

What’s the story?

According to wrestlingrumors.net, Ted DiBiase Jr, who quit the company in 2013, returned to WWE at a live event in Jackson, Mississipi last Sunday. Unfortunately for his fans, it was only a backstage return as he was spotted taking pictures with the current WWE locker room, including his friend Natalya.

A resident of the area, he dropped into the show to watch the current crop of Superstars in action and relive the excitement of a packed house. 

In case you didn’t know...

Ted Dibiase Jr. is the son of the legendary Ted Dibiase Sr. or the Million Dollar Man (who celebrated his 62nd birthday last night). Before he quit the company, he was part of some of the most notable angles of the PG Era, including his partnership with Cody Rhodes in the Legacy faction and his run as the Million Dollar Champion with Virgil.

He quit the company in 2013, even though fans believed that he had another run left in him to spend more time with family. Moreover, DiBiase said that he did not like the person he was becoming and that he’d lose his direction in the pursuit of fame and fortune.

The heart of the matter 

Ted DiBiase Jr. has not appeared on WWE Television for almost four years now. Nor has be been involved with the company in any way, choosing instead to work for the betterment of society instead. He’s been working with a foundation that helps wounded veterans, a truly noble cause.

During his time in WWE, he had started the Ted DiBiase Foundation, a society that allowed those with life-threatening illnesses or disabilities to interact with him at WWE Live Events. Therefore, a return like this is surprising indeed, considering DiBiase has not been part of the wrestling world for so long now.

What’s next?

This seems like a one-off deal for DiBiase, who will choose to stay retired. The proximity to the live event and a chance to meet his friends was probably tempting for the man. DiBiase’s heart seems to be intent on serving the community with full commitment.

Sportskeeda’s take

While it would be thrilling indeed to see DiBiase return to the ring, and bolster the mid card on either Raw or Smackdown, it seems like a distant possibility. With Cody Rhodes having quit WWE too, it seems likely that the legacy of Legacy is done. 

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