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WWE News: Ted DiBiase’s character was based on Vince Mcmahon

Ted DiBiase was given an allowance by the WWE to give his gimmick more credence.

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Wrestler version of McMahon

Dave Meltzer revealed, via Reddit, that the character of the Million Dollar man, Ted DiBiase, was not a parody of Ric Flair, but rather a character based on Vince McMahon himself. This revelation was made known in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer Radio.

When reminiscing the event that led to DiBiase’s character, Dave Meltzer says that he and Ted DiBiase laughed at the idea that the latter would be given a real push. It was a move which eventually happened, given the fact that Vince McMahon would never refrain from pushing a character that essentially glorifies him.

In a later comment, it was also revealed that to give his gimmick more credence; the WWE gave Ted DiBiase an extra allowance when making public appearances––something that would allow him to show his wealth off, by buying drinks and food for everyone in sight.

However, DiBiase was also warned that if he ever misused this privilege for his personal gain, he would have to face the consequences. But otherwise, he was asked to live his gimmick.

Apparently, Ted DiBiase always revealed the address and names of the restaurants, that he visited, to people he knew so that they would visit the place and be treated by him. He used his famous “drinks/meals are on the million dollar man” line to treat them, a move which would further enhance the authenticity of his character.

Meanwhile, what is absurd is the fact that Ted DiBiase could never win the WWE Title. However, the person on whom his character was based on, Vince McMahon, won the title himself.

In a career that spanned for 19 years, DiBiase established himself as one of the greatest villains the company ever had. Despite the fact that he could never place his hands on the WWE title, he is a Hall of Fame inductee in the class of 2010.

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