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WWE News: The Bar reveal who came up with their gimmick and how it all started

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EnteThe Bar are running out of competition
They don't just set the bar...

What's the story?

Since formed in 2016, The Bar have set the WWE Raw Tag Team Division on fire, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships four times and becoming one of the most dominant teams in the company.

But how did Sheamus and Cesaro become a team? Well, we know how it all played out on screen, but the pair have revealed how their pose, catchphrase and name all came about!

In case you didn't know...

Sheamus and Cesaro were thrown together by former RAW General Manager Mick Foley after both men were unhappy with being underutilized as singles performers - but they've quickly become one of WWE's best tag teams.

The pair were pitted against one another in a best of seven series which finished in a draw as the final match finished in a no contest, but both got a title shot when Foley teamed them up together as Tag Team Title contenders. Just under two years later and The Bar are one of WWE's top teams!

The heart of the matter

On Edge & Christian's latest podcast, E&C's Pod of Awesomeness, Sheamus and Cesaro were guests and spoke about they grew as a tag team on-screen in terms of developing in-ring, but shared the story of how their full gimmick came together.

When asked about who came up with the catchphrase, Cesaro recalled the story -

We did one of those, like a VIP meet and greet in Germany, I think it was, on the European tour, and we didn't have a pose or anything.

Speaking of the staged photo shoot opportunities for attendees, The Swiss Superman went on to say -

Everyone turns up and, usually, you just put your fist up and "Grrr," like do your wrestler face or whatever. I think we just put our thumbs up and Sheamus mentioned how Trump may have ruined the thumbs up, so we just put the thumb in the middle.
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They are The Bar

Then we were like, thinking, "That kinds of looks like...mediocre." It looks like when something's kind of okay. We were like, "We're better than that. We've got to be the bar. We're above it. We are the bar." And that kind of evolved into, "We don't just set the bar, we are The Bar," and that was just out of us goofing around that that happened.

Sheamus went on to joke that Ford stole the phrase for their truck commercial. Both Cesaro and Sheamus spoke about their success is thanks to them both being established singles stars who spent their initial stint trying to out-do each other in the ring, then the chemistry between them just clicking instantly. The Celtic Warrior also went on to say -

The matching gear was a big thing, too. This didn't just happen overnight. It was progressional. We were still wearing our own stuff - then, at Mania, we changed to suit jakcets and the kilts, then we turned heel, then we were wearing the army jackets with the kilts. Then the next week, we had matching gear. Everything has dragged out so, for us, it has meant a lot more.

Sheamus added that, even if the pair were ever to become singles competitors on a permanent basis again, the opportunity would always be there to be teamed up again.

What's next?

Sheamus and Cesaro have run through the entire Raw roster, it seems, and the pair have said they have no more competition worthy of facing them.

So, who will step up to The Bar at WrestleMania 34?

Author's take

I absolutely love Sheamus and Cesaro; they're great singles talent and have somehow established themselves as a credible tag team too - which isn't always easy when sticking two random wrestlers together. The four-time Tag Team Champions have gelled while still maintaining credibility when in singles action -and they have a real chemistry off-screen too, when speaking in these hilarious interviews.