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WWE News: The Fashion Police officially close the '2B' case

Daniel Wood
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The Bludgeon Brothers were '2B' all along
The Bludgeon Brothers were '2B' all along

What's the story?

Tyler Breeze made an Instagram post containing a picture of the drawing board they used for their '2B' investigation, revealing that The Fashion Police had done all they can and that the case is now closed.

In case you didn't know...

Tyler Breeze and Fandango are the Fashion Police, and they were on a mission to punish crimes against fashion until they were brutally attacked in their office, their only clue being the infamous number and letter '2B'. What followed was a hilarious investigation to find out who was responsible, including the Ascension, The New Day and 'Saw' and 'Pulp Fiction' parodies.

The heart of the matter

After the Ascension nearly died, were it not for their immunity to poisonous gas, it was revealed that the Bludgeon Brothers were behind everything all along, leading to Breeze and 'Dango challenging the Bludgeon Brothers to a match at Clash of Champions, which they obviously lost.

However, with the perpetrators of the '2B' crimes revealed there is now no longer any need to keep the case open, which is why Tyler Breeze has obviously drawn a line in the sand under the whole '2B' saga and put it to bed!

Case closed...

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What's next?

No-one knows what's next for Breeze and Dango, it's fully expected that they are going to remain The Fashion Police, and might just go back to simply arresting people for crimes against fashion, Breeze did, however, make this Twitter post stating that he was looking towards next year.

Author's take

Whatever happens to Breeze and Dango, I hope that the WWE allow them to continue doing what they're doing, but also remember to spotlight them in the ring. Tyler Breeze and Fandango can wrestle as well as perform comedy skits, why not let them do both a bit more?

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