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WWE News: The New Day named hosts of WrestleMania 33

The New Day are making major history at WrestleMania 33!

News 21 Feb 2017, 03:19 IST
The New Day will take their WrestleMania Shenanigans to the next level

What’s the Story?

TMZ reports that The New Day will be the hosts of WrestleMania 33 hailing from the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida on April 2, 2017. The trio broke the news in a sit-down interview with TMZ and were happy to be taking on a new role. Kofi Kingston said the following in the interview.

“Our main goal is to have as much fun as possible because if were having fun, everybody's having fun! Being hosts of WrestleMania is going to be so much fun for everybody watching and us to so we’re excited.

In case you didn’t know....

It was rumored after the Roadblock pay-per-view that the WWE was keeping The New Day together due to them not having any plans for them or for their inevitable breakup. The news of their role for WrestleMania 33 represents a massive transition from the last three WrestleManias, where they have gone from the pre-show of WrestleMania 31 to the main card of WrestleMania 32, and will now host the biggest show in all of professional wrestling.

The last WrestleMania host was Hulk Hogan, who kicked off the show with a segment featuring The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 30. Before Hogan, The Rock returned to the WWE for the first time in almost 7 years to host WrestleMania 27.

This will be The New Day’s second historic moment as they surpassed the record of longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions by reaching 483 days with the titles. The record was previously held by Demolition but was broken following two championship matches on the December 12, 2016, edition of Monday Night Raw.

The heart of the matter

It goes without saying that The New Day have been one of the more popular groups the WWE has had in a while. Their roles at WrestleMania are now confirmed and they have some big shoes to fill.

Both The Rock and Hogan entertained the fans in attendance with various skits and promos, so now it will be The New Day’s turn to share the power of positivity and bring some joy to what many fans are speculating to be a disappointing show.

What’s next?

WrestleMania is a little over a month away and the news of The New Day being the hosts will definitely make their appearances at WrestleMania something to look out for.

All three men have some history in Florida via the WWE’s developmental systems. So it will be interesting to see how they play up to the Florida crowd and what jokes they can dish out to start WrestleMania off with a bang.

Sportskeeda’s Take

If anyone was worried about The New Day’s role at WrestleMania, then hopefully this eases their concern. The New Day have not only managed to become one of the biggest tag teams in WWE history with record-breaking title reigns, but they now will host the Showcase of The Immortals.

Long gone are the days of fans discussing their hatred for The New Day and how their gimmick is an embarrassment. The New Day truly managed to turn their situation around in 2015 and it has only helped their careers and the WWE make some major bucks off the trio. Fans weren’t into them at all when they debuted, but now it goes without saying that New Day Rocks!

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