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WWE News: The New Day reveals how they were criticized backstage in their early days

11.37K   //    13 Sep 2016, 17:44 IST
The New Day
The new Day has become the longest reigning tag team champions of WWE

The current Raw tag Team Champions The New Day recently gave an interview to What Culture Pro Wrest;nig while promoting the upcoming launch of WWE 2K17, where the trio revealed some interesting things about their early days in the company as a stable. Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

When asked to describe the Boss Vince McMahon, all three men first giggled at the question but afterward said that he was the first man to believe in their group:

"He signs our cheques, he signs our cheques so we have to be careful about what we say, Vince McMahon believed in The New Day, you understand? He was the only one,

Elaborating his statement, Big E said that Vince was the only one who trusted in them and there were lots of people who held a grudge against the Tag Champs before they became popular:

"Vince was the only one, We have a long list. The New Day likes to hold a grudge, we'll hold a grudge. For years a lot of people have said a lot of terrible and awful things. A lot of terrible things, in fact I will name names. Big Show. I will name that name because he said some terrible things, but he apologized."

The former NXT Champion also revealed how many people used to tell Kofi Kingston that he was wasting his time by teaming up with Big E and Xavier Woods:

"In the back, this is true, this is real, when we were in the back he would come up to Kofi and he would say 'why are you wasting your time with those two? They are dragging you down.' We're standing right there. You know what? We showed him. And he had to come to us, and bow down on his knees, and he said 'I'm sorry, I apologize. I was wrong. You're the best!'"

It's notable here that when the New Day first emerged on the scene as a babyface stable, they were met with negative reactions from the crowd as well as wrestling critics and many declared it as a failed experiment by WWE.

However, the team started getting popular once they turned heel and at one point were even described as 'the best thing going on in WWE' by WWE Legend Mick Foley.

Seeing their popularity, the company quickly turned them face once again and the face turn was welcomed with open hands by fans this time and they are still one of the most popular babyfaces in the roster.

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