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WWE News: Tom Casiello convinced Vince McMahon to let the women of Raw headline Hell In A Cell

Is the Women's Divison back to square one now that Casiello is gone?

Will the departure of Tom Casiello mark an end to the Women's Revolution?

Former WWE Managing Lead Writer, Tom Casiello is believed to be the driving force behind the Women’s Revolution in WWE. As per the reports of Wrestlinginc, he was the one to convince Vince McMahon to headline October's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view with the Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte match for WWE RAW Women's Championship. 

Casiello was recently let go by WWE. As noted by wrestling pundit, Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio said Casiello was number 3, behind Vince McMahon and Triple H, when it came to the creative side of the company. WWE cited cost-cutting and budgetary controls as the reason behind firing Casiello.

During his stint with the company, Casiello worked in Stephanie McMahon's old position and drafted storylines and creatives for Vince McMahon. It was reported by the same source that RAW head writer Ed Kosky and SmackDown head writer Ryan Ward, will fill the void left behind by Casiello.

Following his departure from WWE, Casiello shared his predicament with the WWE Universe via series of Tweets.

He talked about the sheer domination of McMahon over the storylines:

He talked about his contribution to the Women’s division:

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