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WWE News: The Rock enters the list of 100 Most Powerful Men in Entertainment

The Rock reaches one more milestone that very few people in the world accomplish.

The Rock defies the odds once again

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been an inspiration for people around the globe for a long time. His successful transition from sports entertainment to entertainment industry is like a fairy tale of sorts for most of the pro wrestling fans. Even now, his mere appearance at an event sends the crowd into an unmistakable frenzy. Owing truly to his moniker, he has time and time again proved that he is the most electrifying man in the history of sports entertainment.

Recently, The Rock added one more achievement to his long list of accomplishments. The Hollywood Reporter recently released a list of 100 Most Powerful Men in Entertainment. and surprisingly enough The Rock’s name made it to the list. Rock is ranked at #54. He is listed above some of the industry bigwigs like James Cameron - the director of Titanic, the infamous Ironman,  Robert Downey Jr, Martin Scorsese and his Central Intelligence co-star, Kevin Hart.

For a person who debuted into the movie industry just fifteen years back, this is a big milestone to accomplish and The Rock has done it with relative ease. According to the latest reports, The Rock’s new movie Central Intelligence is overperforming beyond expectations and is expected to reach the $100 million mark by this weekend. This accomplishment  

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