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WWE News: The Rock approves of NFL player using the People's Elbow in touchdown celebration

Daniel Wood
11.37K   //    16 Oct 2017, 16:18 IST

The Rock's People's Elbow is something to behold
The Rock's People's Elbow is something to behold

What's the story?

There are few moves in pro-wrestling as iconic and loved as the Rock's People's Elbow. As a result of that, the Rock has had many imitators, but this classic People's Elbow hit by NFL player Golden Tate after a touchdown is pretty good.

In case you didn't know...

The NFL recently relaxed its rules on player celebrations allowing them to be significantly more creative when it comes to celebrating a touchdown, we've seen choreographed dances, games of duck, duck goose, and now we're seeing classic wrestling moves.

The heart of the matter

Golden Tate scored the touchdown for the Detroit Lions against the New Orleans Saints and proceeded to take the ball out with the People's Champ's signature move. Even the Rock himself was impressed.

Some might say that's not the People's Elbow because he didn't bounce off the ropes or throw the 'armband' into the crowd. But according to Tate himself, he did those things; they just weren't caught on video!

What's next?

Sadly it seems that this is the closest we're going to get to seeing an actual People's Elbow as it doesn't look like the Rock has any plans to step inside a WWE ring again anytime soon. Still, hopefully, the NFL will provide us with more wrestling themed celebrations to keep us going until the Rock's inevitable return.

Author's take

You could probably class a touchdown as a Rockbottom if you really wanted to, so it's clear that Golden Tate is building himself up quite the repertoire of Rock moves. Maybe we'll see him in the WWE one day. However, the Rock still has the most electrifying elbow in sports-entertainment.

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