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WWE News: The Rock reveals the best thing that NEVER happened to him

722   //    11 Aug 2017, 22:45 IST

The Rock sent out an inspirational message near the top of a Canadian skyscraper!

The Rock sent out an inspirational message near the top of a Canadian skyscraper!

What’s the story?

While in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, The Rock posted an inspirational message to his official Instagram account. He talked about the disappointment he first felt after being cut from his CFL team only two days after playing his first ever professional game. As we all know now, those shattered dreams were not the end for him.

In case you didn’t know…

Before entering professional wrestling, the man born with the name Dwayne Johnson had aspirations of making it big in the NFL. He was part of the 1991 Miami Hurricanes college football team, where he earned a national championship.

This path took him all the way to a spot on the Canadian Football League's Calgary Stampeders in 1995 when he was only 22 years old. All was going according to plan for him until he was cut just two days after his first game.

The heart of the matter

The Rock stated that after losing his spot on the team, he went back home with only seven dollars in his pocket. This forced him to reassess his career choice. He then shifted focus to follow his father and grandfather into the squared circle.

"[I] realized that playing in the NFL was the best thing that never happened because it got me here... You've got to have faith that the one thing you wanted to happen often times is the best thing that never happened."

Rocky recorded this message to his fans from high above one of the largest buildings in Vancouver. His view was spectacular. He also offered the reminder that he experienced many successes in Vancouver after his football aspiration ended, including wrestling several big matches and as well as filming major movies inside that very city.

What’s next?

The Rock's in Vancouver because he's on location for a movie called Skyscraper. The film will portray him as an FBI Hostage Rescue Team Leader who must try to save his family who happens to be trapped inside a Chinese skyscraper that's ablaze. The film co-stars former Scream star Neve Campbell.

Author’s take

The Rock is one of the most successful as well as likable celebrities today. It's always fun to hear him send out positive messages to his fans because it seems so genuine. He's a good example to look up to because he's a reminder that even though everyone will experience setbacks, hard work eventually pays off.

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