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WWE News: The Rock isn't great at every sport after all

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One sport apparently still has The Rock's number

What's the story?

The Rock is a world-renowned athlete, sports entertainer, and actor. If you add on all the things he's great at behind the camera you've got the recipe for a pretty exciting human being.

But Dwayne Johnson isn't good at everything as Donovan Carter, one of his co-stars on Ballers revealed to Wrestling Inc

In case you didn't know...

As a Miami Hurricane, Dwayne Johnson proved he had what it takes to succeed on the gridiron. It might have been a huge blessing that his NFL dreams never panned out because it saw The Rock becoming one of the biggest names to ever step in the ring.

Johnson has since translated his career with WWE into a stellar string of cinema sizzlers. He seems to make money around every turn at this point, but it turns out he's still not perfect at everything.

Heart of the matter

The Rock's "Ballers" co-star Donovon Carter recently spoke to Wrestling Inc where he revealed that he didn't get much time to hang out with The Rock. After all, he is a very busy guy and is constantly jet-setting off to another project.

But one experience Carter did have with The Great One exposed a weakness in The Rock's usually flawless persona.

"The funny thing was the first episode we were playing basketball; he is terrible at basketball. He never took one shot, and whenever he would get the ball he would just pass it; I said to myself, oh man, Dwayne doesn't play any basketball. He probably played NBA 2K and that's it."

What's next?

The Rock won't let the fact he can't play basketball stop him from being wildly successful in whatever he does next. After all, if he's ever cast in a basketball movie, they can just hire stuntmen for the scene on the court.

Author's take

The Rock is so great at everything, it's almost a relief to know he's not great at everything. It gives some sign he's an actual human being after all. This is because we seldom get to see a vulnerable sign of Dwayne Johnson otherwise!

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