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WWE News: The Rock reveals why he called CM Punk after RAW

The Rock gave an explanation for his actions.

News 22 Feb 2017, 21:40 IST
The Rock made more news than the entire episode of RAW.

What’s the story?

While yesterday’s RAW was quite a decent episode, the best moment came after the cameras stopped rolling at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Rock had fun with the crowd while the production crew prepared the backdrop for the scene where Paige won the Divas title from AJ Lee on her first night on RAW for the upcoming movie on Paige’s family, ‘Fighting With My Family’.

As you all may know by now, The Rock called up CM Punk after the fans in attendance vehemently chanted for the controversial former star. 

The Great One took to Twitter to explain his actions, which would have resulted in an instant suspension or firing had it been done by someone else:

In case you didn’t know....

It was when Rock was playing to the crowd that the fans started chanting CM Punk’s name. The Great One shut them down and said that the former WWE Star wasn’t part of the movie. But what he did next may have infuriated the management, but totally satiated the fans who were looking to be entertained. 

Rock got his phone out and called up Punk himself, but thankfully for Vince McMahon, it went to voicemail. His subsequent Facetime attempt too failed due to poor connectivity. In case you haven’t watched the epic segment, here is the video:

 CM Punk responded to his name being mentioned on RAW with this tweet in which he completely ignored The Rock and rather focused on thanking the fans:

The heart of the matter

While everyone expected something special from the Rock, no one expected him to whip his phone out and call Punk out. This was before Rock and his production team recreated the moment when Paige won her first Divas Championship from AJ Lee on RAW. Paige’s role is being played by Florence Pugh while AJ Lee is being portrayed by former TNA Knockout and Austin Aries’ fiance Thea Trinidad.

The Rock is infamous for doing things on his own peril as he is a bonafide mega star that WWE direly needs. According to reports, the WWE management was not happy with the whole improvisation and had even sent out a guy to tell the legend to stop what he was doing. 

Vince McMahon was reportedly not happy with the dark segment due to obvious reasons, which is why WWE decided not to post the video on its Youtube channel.


If you think CM Punk has buried his differences with WWE and is on his way back soon, tuck those hopes away immediately. It’s not happening anytime soon. The segment was just Rock doing what he does best – improvise and give the fans something different to mark out on.

The Rock isn’t going to apprehended as he is the only superstar who has the liberty to flirt with controversy and get away with it.

Sportskeeda’s take 

The Rock and his audacity to pull off such things make him one of the greatest to have ever worked the fans. Imagine what would have happened if he would have called Punk on live TV?

Wha was even more hilarious was Punk walking his dog Larry during the whole incident. Epic no-sell we say. 

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