WWE News: The Rock shows off his new completed Brahma Bull tattoo

The Brahma Bull is no more

What's the story?

The Rock has been known for his signature look for the better part of two decades now but it looks like he's switching things up a little. It's been a long time since we've seen him raise one eyebrow, but now it looks like his classic "Brahma Bull" is gone as well because Dwayne Johnson just had his classic bull skull tattoo covered up in expert fashion.

It took a lot of work too, but now The People's Champ is ready to reveal this new artwork to the world.

In case you didn't know...

The Rock was an incredibly popular pro wrestler during his time in the ring. He's even more popular now than ever which is why he might be in for another change in his iconic look.

The heart of the matter

After four sessions and 30 hours of sitting in a tattoo artist's chair, The Rock's new and improved Brahma Bull tattoo is completed. He went on to discuss how every intricate detail of this design meant something to him.

Whether or not you like this new tattoo, it is hard to deny it isn't a stellar design. After all, it takes a lot of work to get a tattoo just right, and a client like THE Rock obviously has special requests.

It looks like The Rock covered all of his bases when thinking of this new design.

What's next?

The Rock will continue to make movies and millions of dollars. Although his new tattoo is really great, it will probably result in earlier call times to the film set so he can sit in a makeup chair and have his new artwork covered up if he's playing a character who wouldn't normally sport this kind of massive ink.

Author's take

There were a lot of people who got replica tattoos of the old-school Brahma Bull. I can only imagine that a couple of them might be saving up the money to turn their classic pieces into an epic 30-hour tattoo as well.

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