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WWE News: The Rock will appear in an upcoming WWE Studios film, "Killing Hasslehoff" to debut at San Diego Film Festival

Dwayne Johnson will star in his first WWE Studios film, "Killing Hasslehoff" premiere confirmed?

The Rock is doing a film with WWE Studios

Former 10-time WWE world champion and Hollywood star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will be appearing in an upcoming WWE Studios film called The Fall Guy. According to IMDB, the film has already gone into pre-production after first being optioned in 2010 before going through script changes till 2014. The Rock signed onto the film project in 2013, so it wasn’t a big surprise to anyone. 

The film, The Fall Guy, is about a Hollywood stuntman who uses his talents to moonlight as a bounty hunter in his down time. The IMDB page of the film also lists the writers as Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz of X-Men: First Class and the director is listed as Joseph McGinty Nichol of Supernatural. 

WWE Studios has made a statement with producing a movie with The Rock in it who is one of the most sought after actors on the entire planet today. 

In related News, Variety is reporting that the WWE Studios film “Killing Hasslehoff” will premiere at the San Diego Film Festival later this year on September 28th. The film is a dark comedy about a struggling nightclub owner drowning in debt who decides to pay it off by winning his long running celebrity death pool by killing the one and only David Hasslehoff. 

This was the same film whose release got delayed due to portions of the film with ex-WWE Superstar Hulk Hogan needing to be re-edited after Hogan's racism scandal earlier this year where Hogan made disparaging comments about a person his daughter was dating which was recorded in a sex tape. 

The film stars Ken Jeong from the TV show Dr. Ken, Rhys Darby who is best known for his role as Jim Carey’s Boss in Yes Man and comedian-actor Jon Lovitz. Also starring in the film is American comedian, actor, writer, and producer Colton Dunn. The film also has a host of cameos from famous faces such as Melanie Brown, Justin Beiber who does the voice of a character called K.I.T.T, Howie Mandel and of course, David Hasslehoff himself. 

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