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WWE News: Stephanie McMahon talks about her relationship with The Undertaker

The Raw Commissioner talks about her relationship with The Dead Man.

News 20 May 2017, 00:31 IST
On camera, they may not get along, but in real life, The Undertaker and Stephanie McMahon are close

What’s the story?

WWE’s Chief Brand Officer and Commissioner of Monday Night Raw, Stephanie McMahon, sat down with the Daily Mirror for an interview where she spoke about her relationship with The Undertaker. 

They discussed the emotional ending to WrestleMania last month where The Undertaker hung up his boots. Stephanie spoke about the legendary wrestler and said that she knew him since she was a little girl and had this to say:

“Yeah. Ha ha. He would say 'maybe not that little'. He'd say 'I'm not that old'. I've known him for a very long time. He's almost like a brother to me.”

In case you didn’t know...

Stephanie’s first on-screen role in the WWE would involve The Undertaker in 1999. She was abducted by Undertaker and his Ministry Of Darkness and was tied to the Undertaker symbol for a sacrifice until Steve Austin saved her.

The heart of the matter

It is no secret that Stephanie has grown up in the business and has become a very able WWE administrator.

Stephanie McMahon as a little girl on Andre The Giant’s lap

Being around the wrestlers for almost all of her life, she has forged some close bonds with them. It seems like the bond she has with The Undertaker is very special as he’s been with the company since Stephanie was 14.

What’s next?

Stephanie has been off television since WrestleMania and is selling the storyline that she suffered injuries from going through the table when Triple H crashed into her.

It is unknown when she will return for her first interaction with Kurt Angle since he became the Raw General Manager, but she’ll probably return in the weeks leading up to SummerSlam.

Author’s take

It is always refreshing to hear someone in the company like Stephanie McMahon talk about how much certain people in the business mean to her. The Undertaker has been there for the McMahon family for nearly 30 years now, and that is why WrestleMania closed with his goodbye last month.

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