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WWE News: Titus O'Neil opens up about his mother being raped

Johny Payne
27 Apr 2017, 02:52 IST
Titus O’Neil is good friends with Dave Bautista, and is well-known for his charity work outside the ring.

What’s the story?

In a video that’s been circulating the internet, WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil recalled the unfortunate incident of his mother being raped.

In case you didn’t know...

Titus O’Neil (Thaddeus Bullard Sr.) is a former American Football player who has performed on the WWE’s main roster since 2010. The 39-year old is a former WWE tag-team champion and won the 2015 MEGA Dad award for ‘Celebrity Dad of the Year’.

The heart of the matter:

The 6’6” 270-pound RAW Superstar had revealed back in 2014 that his mother had been sexually assaulted at the age of 11, and that was how he’d been conceived. Titus recently spoke out on the issue once again, this time addressing it in an anti-sexual assault educational video that urges people to join hands in the movement to end the heinous crime that is sexual assault.

Here are a few excerpts from his statements regarding the same-

“My mother was raped at 11 years old, and that’s how I was conceived…via rape. And so, for me, I’m very passionate about making sure that the same thing that happened to my mother doesn’t happen to other women or young men around the world.”

“Everyone. Everyone that’s involved in this movement to end sexual assault, just know that the mission is a worthy mission to fight, for reasons like myself and many others that have had to endure not only the physical aspects of sexual assault but also the mental and emotional abuse that came along with it.”

What’s next?

Titus O’Neil is presently signed to Monday Night RAW where his current ‘Titus Brand’ gimmick is that of a businessman/manager who seems keen to be work with up-and-comer Apollo Crews.

Author’s take:

Titus O’Neil deserves big props for having the bravery to speak out on this unfortunate incident once again. The WWE Superstar has joined the movement to end sexual assault.

The WWE Universe and Yours Truly lend our support to the Titus Brand in the fight against what is a despicable physical and mental crime.  

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