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WWE News: Tommy Dreamer almost lost an eye

Tommy Dreamer almost loses his eye thanks to his dog.

The Innovator of Violence nearly ended his career due to a dog

What’s the story?

According to Tommy Dreamer’s Instagram account, he nearly lost his eye because he was petting his dog in bed. Dreamer stated that the dog’s claw scratched is cornea and that his eye was probably saved because of the fact that he was wearing contact lenses. This is what he had to say on his Instagram:

Scary day, I almost lost my eye. Was in bed petting my dog, switched to pet the other and he lunged forward to get more scratcing and he put his paw right in my eye. I’ve never felt so much pain, and I’ve been on fire, in barbed wire tacks and hit in balls with a cane that knocked me out.

Went to Doctor, scratched cornea. It ripped my contact in half. We can’t find the other half. Doctor said contact probably saved my eye. Pain is pretty intense; can’t open it. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. 

In Case You Didn’t Know:

Tommy Dreamer put it up on his Instagram account that he was petting his dog and then switched to pet his other dog, which caused jealousy from his dog and scratched his eye, causing half of his contacts to rip. He stated that he has been hit with barbed wire bats, being set on fire, but this was the most pain he has ever endured. Tommy Dreamer is a 14-time WWE Hardcore Champion.

The Heart of the Matter:

A cornea is the clear front surface of the eye, and part of its job is to focus light, enabling you to see. A healthy cornea is essential for good vision. If it’s not treated, it can cause an infection. Contact lenses, however, don’t usually protect your eyes from a corneal abrasion. If you wear contacts for too long, this can increase your risk of a scratched cornea, according to allaboutvision.com.

Cornea Abrasion

What’s Next?

Dreamer posted on Instagram today noting that he is on day 3 of his recovery. In this photo, he is seen wearing a patch to protect further infecting the eye.


Day 3 I'm so sexy Going with the Kramer eye patch look

A photo posted by Tommy Dreamer (@thetommydreamer) on

Sportskeeda’s Take:

Corneal Abrasions are serious and hopefully, Dreamer takes the time off he needs in order to get healthy. With the success of his company, there really isn’t much of a reason for him to continue performing, especially now that he nearly lost his eye. It wasn’t due to the ring that the incident occurred, but one must be aware that life is fragile, and perhaps being in the ring could possibly cause further damage.

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