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WWE News: Top female stars report to WWE Performance Center

The WWE Women's divisions get a timely boost.

Julia Ho, Kimber Lee, Andrea and Heidi Lovelace

What’s the story?

WWE’s raiding of the independent wrestling scene shows no sign of stopping, with three of the top female indy competitors among the four names reporting to the WWE Performance Center this week.

Princess Kimber Lee (real name Kimberly Frankele), Heidi Lovelace (Dori Prange) and Andrea (MaryKate Duignan Glidewell) join former MMA competitor Julia Ho at the PC, ahead of providing some much-needed depth to NXT’s women’s division. The four represent an impressive variety of future performers for the continuing women’s revolution in WWE.

In case you didn’t know...

CHIKARA fans will know Kimber Lee as the first ever female winner of CHIKARA’s Grand Championship, and she has already appeared on NXT in a losing effort against Ember Moon. Trained by Drew Gulak, the Princess has a degree in dance education and was previously a ballerina before moving into the professional wrestling world.

Heidi Lovelace also found success in CHIKARA, winning the Young Lion’s Cup as well as competing extensively in Japan in World Wrestling Stardom.

Some long-time TNA fans may remember Andrea as Rosie Lottalove, although to say she has developed since that short run would be a huge understatement. A graduate of The Dudley Boyz Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment, Andrea has evolved to become one of the most impressive big women in pro wrestling today.

Julia Ho is an undefeated mixed martial artist, who has also dabbled in modelling and singing. 

The heart of the matter

Despite the success of the women’s revolution, NXT’s women’s division has suffered because of it. Asuka has held the NXT Women’s Championship for a record 279+ days, but her reign has been tainted somewhat by a total lack of credible challengers.

Ember Moon and Nikki Cross are still new to NXT TV, and these signings might boost the depth of the division. WWE now has three women’s divisions, and those divisions need bodies. 

What next?

The four will report to the Performance Center this week, but one can assume that Kimber Lee, Heidi Lovelace and Andrea won’t be there for too long. All three are experienced performers, and may even be TV-ready already. Ho is more of an unknown quantity, but she is undoubtedly in the best place to learn her craft.

Sportskeeda’s take

This can only be good news for the various women’s divisions of WWE, although it is yet another hit for the independent wrestling scene. NXT’s women’s division desperately needs credible bodies, and a division containing Ember Moon, Andrea, Heidi Lovelace, Princess Kimber Lee, Nikki Cross and the rest looks a whole lot healthier than what it currently is. 

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