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WWE News: Top Superstar locked into long-term contract, might be turning face soon

12.37K   //    09 Dec 2018, 03:10 IST

Are the roles going to be reversed in an upcoming feud?
Are the roles going to be reversed in an upcoming feud?

What's the story? is reporting that the Big Show, The Miz, Mandy Rose, Kevin Owens and Mojo Rawley are all signed through 2020 at the very least.

The Miz may have recently signed a new deal that sees him with the WWE until 2022.

The site is also reporting that the Miz has been working as a face at house shows against 'the New Daniel Bryan'.

In case you didn't know it...

Free agent season has been in full swing since November and WWE has already reportedly signed or will sign several free agents (Walter, Shane Strickland, Trevor Lee, ACH).

They've also agreed to extensions for some top stars including the Big Show, Kevin Owens and The Miz.

Kevin Owens reportedly signed a five-year deal that will expire in 2023, but he is currently out of action due to injury.

The Big Show recently returned to aid the Bar against the New Day but as is his character's nature, he quickly turned again after the Bar blamed him for their loss.

Rose is getting more mic and camera time as of late and is clearly the type of performer Vince loves.

Mojo Rawley and Rose are signed through 2020 while the Big Show is under contract until 2021.


The heart of the matter

Owens and the Miz have been focal points of both Raw and Smackdown ever since the brand split.

The Miz has been one of the WWE's best and most consistent performers for years.

He and Daniel Bryan have had several feuds in the past as well as earlier this year.

The report also mentioned that the Miz gets a reaction from the crowd regardless of his alignments.

But according to the report, recently he's been working against 'the New Daniel Bryan' as a face at house shows.

It might be a sign of things to come for the A-Lister

What's next?

Locking the Miz, Owens and Rose into long-term deals are important for the continual growth of the WWE.

The Miz and Owens are valuable performers for WWE and have always delivered.

Rose is just starting to find her footing as a singles' competitor (potentially) and has teased a split with Sonya Deville. She's the type of woman Vince loves and will probably push her to the moon at some point in the next two years.

If the reports of the Miz working as a face at house shows against Bryan are true, hopefully it transfers to the main roster.

Smackdown is bereft of many main-event babyfaces outside of AJ Styles.

Bryan recently turned heel and Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy are mainly around to help put others over.

They'll get title matches, but probably won't get runs with the WWE Championship.

Anything can happen, so maybe they will.

Turning the Miz is the right thing to do now with so few babyfaces to challenge Bryan.

He's been over with the crowd for at least the last five years and he hasn't been a face in a long time.

If the transfer from the house show does carry over to Smackdown, we might be getting a hint of the potential match for the WWE Championship either at an upcoming PPV or Wrestlemania 35.