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WWE News: Triple H brutally attacks fan who sneaks up on Stone Cold

12.12K   //    01 Jul 2016, 01:23 IST
They may have gone to war in the ring, but when push came to shove, they had each other’s back

It was in the 90s, when Stone Cold still ruled the roost in the WWE, and the setting was a live event in Germany. As you would expect Stone Cold was the face, while Triple H was the heel. The match itself ended with Stone Cold delivering a Stunner to Hunter, and all was supposed to be hunky dory.

Only, it wasn't.

As reported by, a fan, who had presumably been incensed at the result, entered the ring and started attacking Austin from the back. Upon seeing this, Triple H, all selling thrown out of the window, laid a brutal belly to back suplex on the fan before punching him repeatedly. 

The referee, Mike Chioda, also joined in by kicking the fan. 

This continued until the security arrived at the scene, while Hunter held him down, and extricated the man from the ring, with Triple H even managing to land a nasty right hook as a parting gift.

Fans are the fabric upon which the WWE has been built, but even they, it would seem, have limits that they shouldn’t transgress.

You can view the video clip below:

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