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WWE News: Triple H hints at Chyna's Hall of Fame induction

The late great superstar may finally get a deserved spot in the WWE Hall of Fame

Chyna and Triple H have quite a storied past

Chyna’s untimely death in April this year brought to light the dark and twisted side of the pro wrestling world. Her contributions to the WWE and pro wrestling in general, are unprecedented, as she is the first and the only woman to hold the prestigious Intercontinental title twice.

Whenever the discussion of the superstars deserving of a WWE Hall of Fame induction springs up, The Ninth Wonder of the World’s name is the most common one that is tossed around. While she thoroughly deserves the accolade, WWE’s strict PR policy has always been a hindering factor.

One of Chyna’s most esteemed and controversial colleagues, Triple H was asked about the possibility of Chyna's induction, and the former WWE Champion said that it is " a conversation they would surely happen someday."

I think it’s been brought up. But there’s a lot of people in a long line that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame that will be in the Hall of Fame over time. That’s a conversation that will happen. We’ll see where it goes.

But there are a lot of people and you can only put so many people in per year. I don’t think her passing signifies any change of her accomplishments. Her accomplishments are documented and were massive in our industry. Nothing has changed. She’s a part of the Hall of Fame conversation, but she would have been anyway.

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The recent Women’s Revolution and the complete transformation in the way the fairer sex are perceived in the WWE had given rise to a petition for getting Chyna inducted into the Hall of Fame. The IWC has been quite vocal about the inevitable prospect, despite the drug-fuelled  lifestyle and the adult film career of the former Women’s Champion.

WWE has always been apprehensive  about mentioning former stars with a questionable background, but Chyna’s contributions are just too glaring to ignore. Triple H’s statement surely points out to the induction happening soon, which would certainly pacify the fans for the time being.

Here is a special look at the trailblazing career of the revolutionary superstar:

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