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WWE News: Triple H looks jacked ahead of Wrestlemania 33

Triple H appears ready for anyone who wants to face The Game!

News 27 Feb 2017, 13:06 IST
Not bad for someone who will turn 48 this year!

What’s the story?

Triple H appears to be keeping himself in superior shape ahead of Wrestlemania 33 and took to Twitter to show the WWE Universe his progress. 

In case you didn’t know...

While there has been no confirmation as to who Triple H will face this year, at Wrestlemania 33, there have been plenty of speculated opponents that could meet The Game at the sport’s biggest event. Names such as Seth Rollins, John Cena, Shane McMahon and even Samoa Joe have been mentioned.

It’s also worth mentioning that, as previously reported by Sportskeeda, Triple H is set to make his in-ring return at a house show in Toronto, on March 11th. The announcement stated that Triple H will be participating in a big six-man tag team main event match at the show in Toronto’s Ricoh Coliseum.

Triple H has recorded just one win in his last three Wrestlemania matches, which was a against Sting at Wrestlemania 31. Triple H lost to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 32 and Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30.

The heart of the matter

He recently tweeted the photos shown here, along with the somewhat cryptic caption: “Dreaming about it and making it a reality....are two completely different things. #DoTheWork #OneDayCloser”


There is now no doubt that Triple H is in phenomenal condition.

What’s next?

As we inch closer to Wrestlemania 33, you can expect the flood of rumours to run wild. During this time, we will begin hearing, as well as seeing much more of The Cerebral Assassin.

While Triple H is currently serving as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Creative and Live Events, his heart remains inside the squared-circle, which is where he became an iconic figure.

Sportskeeda’s take

Triple H is one of the last remaining legends of wrestling, that can still actively compete. Sure, he has corporate obligations and he has done outstanding work in his efforts to build NXT into what it has become today.

However, there is still a high demand from the fans, who expect to see The Game in the ring, at least for Wrestlemania. For those who complain about him being a “part-timer,” he’s earned that luxury, just as The Undertaker has.

As far as his current conditioning, Triple H will follow in his father-in-law’s fitness lifestyle, which means we can expect him to remain in optimal shape, for a very long time.

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