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WWE News: Triple H on Donald Trump's candidacy and Vince McMahon for vice-president

Donald Trump, are you taking notes?

The Game was interviewed by RX muscle

On an interview that he gave RX Muscle, Triple H, the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, & Creative of WWE, weighed in on Donald Trump’s run for the presidency of the United States, and also on the possibility of him including Vince McMahon as a running mate.

While describing the scenario as a “scary proposition”, he also quipped on a lighter note that Donald Trump had better avoid making Vince McMahon his Head of Media if he does capture office, reports WrestlingInc.com

Despite all the light-hearted banter, it is obvious how highly in regard Triple H holds Vince McMahon given that he labelled him as “the greatest promoter in the world”, when his name cropped up in a game of name-association.

The Game also commented on his midnight workout regime and about Kevin Levrone’s return to the Mr.Olympia competition at the age of 52.

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