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WWE News: Triple H reveals theory behind getting pictured with a select few WWE Superstars

Johny Payne
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Triple H often gets photographed with up-and-coming talent backstage.
Triple H often gets photographed with up-and-coming talent backstage.

What’s the story?

In a recent edition of the McMahonsplaining podcast, Triple H revealed his theory behind getting pictured with only a select few WWE Superstars.

On that note, Triple H asserted that he gets pictured backstage with a few up-and-comers so as to ensure that some of his fame rubs off on the prospects and helps them become more famous; ascending to superstardom in their own right.

Additionally, Triple H elucidated that he doesn’t click pictures backstage with the more established talent, such as say the top champion on the SmackDown Live brand and so on and so forth. Besides, he added that it does get a bit annoying for him to take time out of his busy schedule and click photographs when he has more important things he must tend to.

In case you didn’t know…

Triple H is one of the most popular professional wrestlers of all time and has been an extremely important personality in the WWE.

The King of Kings has lately taken on a bigger role backstage and currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative for the WWE.

The heart of the matter:

Triple H revealed why he clicks photos with prospects backstage, stating:

"You know why I take pictures with everybody? Because I'm more famous.”

"When I do that, and I take a picture, just on Twitter alone I got six million people that see it when I tap that picture. I make them something bigger, and that's the attempt."

Furthermore, he pointed out that he doesn’t need to do so with the more popular Superstars, owing to the fact that they’ve already broken through as top stars and don’t need him to get over with the fans.

Speaking of which, Triple H reiterated that his aforementioned promotional tactics are all about creating the next stars and building the future. Regardless, he continued that when it comes to time-and-again stepping out for a photo session, it does get a tad annoying, so to speak.

What’s next?

Triple H presently serves as a top WWE Executive and is known to be pretty hands-on in his management role.

Author’s take

Triple H really seems to be sticking with the McMahon theory of always doing what’s best for business.

It’s great to see that the future of the WWE lies in the hands of someone as competent and passionate as HHH, given that Vince McMahon may eventually step down from his role as WWE's head honcho.  

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