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WWE News: Triple H reveals when rumored Women's Tournament will take place

WWE COO Triple H has revealed the first details of the rumoured Women's Tournament.

Triple H Steph Sasha Bayley Del Rey
Triple H and Sara Del Rey have been the leading forces in the rise of women’s wrestling

What's the story?
As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, WWE COO Triple H has revealed during an interview with Fox Sports that the rumoured WWE Women's tournament is set to take place around the summer of 2017. The Game did not, however, discuss any of the participants or how many women will be involved.

In case you didn't know
Ever since the success of the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016, there have been rumblings that WWE has been eager to replicating that tournament with a collection of female wrestlers. Numerous reports had been floating round regarding the possibility of such an event, with fans all over the world extremely interested about the prospect.

Heart of the matter
During the aforementioned interview, Triple H had the following to say on the matter. “The women we’re gonna do probably this summer.” before adding “That’s the plan anyways". Given the rise of women's wrestling over the last twelve months on the main roster a lot of people felt this move was inevitable, but now they've been given the official word straight from the mouth of the boss.

What's next?
It appears as if the likes of Triple H and Sara Del Rey will be busy over the next few months, travelling around the world in order to find some of the best female talents on offer. All fans can do now is wait to hear more information, with speculation going round that the expected start date will be sometime around June or July.

Sportskeeda's take
No matter which way you look at it, this is great news for the women's wrestling scene. Much like the cruiserweights, there are going to be talented stars out there that haven't been able to shine on the brightest stage for a variety of reasons. We loved the Cruiserweight Classic, and if this tournament can capture even a slice of that magic then we're all in for quite the experience.

With a whole new selection of female talent to choose from at the Performance Center as well, we would assume that a couple familiar faces from NXT will also be popping up in the competition. Who knows, maybe we'll all witness the WWE debut of a future Women's Champion.

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