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WWE News: Triple H slams Jimmy Fallon through a table

Riju Dasgupta
22.38K   //    19 Aug 2017, 11:58 IST

The Talk Show Host faced the wrath of The King of Kings!
The Talk Show Host faced the wrath of The King of Kings!

What's the story?

You don't mess with The King of Kings and escape unscathed. Legendary WWE superstar Triple H made an appearance during a comedic segment during the 'Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' and bodyslammed the host through a table. Some have speculated, upon closer inspection, that it was not Fallon, but a body double, who took the bump. You can watch a video of the incident, right here!

In case you didn't know...

The Tonight Show has been an American institution for the last sixty years. Jimmy Fallon is the sixth host of the show, and on a nightly basis, he interviews movie, music and entertainment stars.

There have been several stars from WWE on the show in the past, and Fallon has interviewed them to the best of his capacity, often resulting in very fun and entertaining segments indeed. In addition to the interviews, there are comedic segments too, that are an integral part of this show!

The heart of the matter

Fallon was at his comedic best, saying that the name 'Triple H' sounded less like a WWE Superstar and more like an extra strength haemorrhoid cream instead. He was interrupted by the strains of Motorhead, as Triple H made his way to the table to do what he does best.

He picked up Fallon and bodyslammed him through the table. Thereafter, he looked at the camera and with a changed demeanour, advertised SummerSlam happening this weekend.

What's next?

The world tunes in to watch SummerSlam in Brooklyn, with several marquee matches including a Fatal Four Way match between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns.

Author's take

This was a cool way to get mainstream attention to SummerSlam and should do wonders for the show on the WWE Network. Fallon has never undermined sports entertainment and has always seemed like a fan of the art form. Because the segment was short and sweet, it has gone viral on social media and should, in due course of time, yield major benefits for the company.

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