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WWE News: Triple H tells London fans how they can get Wrestlemania in the UK

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Triple H let the fans know what they had to do to get Mania in the UK
Triple H let the fans know what they had to do to get Mania in the UK

What's the story?

WWE is in the middle of their Live Tour in the United Kingdom and Europe. During a WWE Live Event in London, the fans let their feelings and demands be known through a singular chant of 'We Want Mania'. Triple H, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose were in the middle of the ring for the chant, and Seth acknowledged it and handed the mike to Triple H.

'The King of Kings' played about with them a bit, before saying that the man who could have made that decision was not present there. He went on to say that if the fans cheered loudly enough, maybe he could hear them from 'across the pond'.

In case you didn't know.....

While Summerslam 1992 may have taken place in the United Kingdom since then none of the Big Four pay-per-views has wandered towards them. Survivor Series and Royal Rumbles have never taken place there either, but it is the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania, that the UK fans have wanted for a long time.

WWE let out a poll earlier this year to ask the fans about their preferences about venues for Wrestlemania. The UK fans found new hope (not the Star Wars one) when London was included in the list of venues being considered.

The heart of the matter

The fans in London were deafening with their chants of 'We Want Mania' and being a Live Event, their chants were acknowledged. Seth gave the mic to Triple H, saying, 'That's a question for this guy.'

Triple H was his usual comedic self as he pretended not to understand the chants, saying 'You all have an accent and it's hard for us.'

He finally acknowledged their desire for Wrestlemania in the UK, when their chants had reached a crescendo. He said the guy who can make that decision was not there.

"But if you are loud enough, maybe he can hear you across the pond."


The guy they were talking about was obviously Vince McMahon. If he sees the enthusiasm that the fans have for Wrestlemania in the UK, then a decision may actually be made in the future.

What's next?

The next Wrestlemania is set to be hosted in New Orleans. With rumours flying about Wrestlemania 35's venue, it might not be reaching, if WWE actually considers London as a venue.

Author's take

Somehow WWE has never entrusted Europe with their biggest pay-per-views. Several of the smaller ones have taken place there, but not one of the big four, except that one lonely Summerslam in 1992. With the Raw and SmackDown tickets selling out in the UK this time, there is a chance though, that they will see the possibilities that await them across the pond.

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