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WWE News: Triple H tells the story of the time Vince got mad at Braun Strowman

J. Carpenter
11.40K   //    24 Mar 2017, 19:17 IST
Braun Strowman has come a long way, in a short amount of time!

What's The Story?

Triple H recently sat down with Peter Rosenberg, to do an interview for an episode of Cheap Heat. At one point, Rosenberg asked Triple H about the plans for Braun Strowman at WrestleMania. During the discussion, Triple H jokingly mentioned the time Vince McMahon got frustrated with Strowman. 

In Case You Didn't Know:

Peter Rosenberg is a respected personality in sports media. He has used his platform at Hot 97 in New York City to interview and promote a number of WWE Superstars, as well as the WWE product as a whole. Peter Rosenberg also hosts the “ Bring it to the table” program on the WWE network.

The Heart Of The Matter:

During the interview, Triple H and Rosenberg talked about the progress Strowman has made over the last twelve months. Triple H then said there was an occassion where Vince McMahon asked Strowman to rectify a mistake he was making. Later on, Braun Strowman apparently repeated the mistake. At this point, Vince turned to Triple H and said, “Whats wrong with him? I don't think he’s going to make it!” Triple H responded by saying: 

“It's like his fifteenth match! He’s lucky to even be in the ring right now!” Vince agrees and replies “You gotta good point.”

Vince later admitted that Triple H had a good point.

What’s Next?

With WrestleMania just over a week away, there has yet to be an answer for what role Braun Strowman will play in the years biggest event. Considering that his most recent rivals are already locked into matches already, Braun may have to settle for a spot in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. However, a lot can happen in a short amount of time in professional wrestling, so with one more episode of Raw left before ‘Mania, we should have some answers this coming Monday night.

Author’s Take:

I have never seen someone with virtually zero experience, come into this industry and evolve into a top-tier performer the way Braun Strowman has in such a short amount of time. His success is a tribute to his undeniably great work ethic and his commitment to being the very best sports entertainer he can possibly be. 

For many years now WWE has searched high and low for a dependable big guy that can be the monster the roster needs. Well, they have that and more with Braun Strowman. Whatever success this guy has, he deserves. I see him as a multi-reign champion before its all said and done. 

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