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WWE News: Triple H threatened to fire controversial Superstar 

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Amore tested the WWE COO's patience.
Amore tested the WWE COO's patience.

What's the story?

Enzo Amore may have been unceremoniously kicked out of the WWE but that hasn't stopped the former Cruiserweight Champion from being talked about in the often busy world of pro wrestling.

Amore was involved in a three-hour shoot interview with Title Match Wrestling in which he opened up about his backstage relationship with Triple H. He revealed how he was aggressively managed by The Game and spoke in length about how he became HHH's red-headed stepchild.

In case you didn't know...

Unlike many pro wrestlers, the loud-mouthed Amore never came from a wrestling background. He was lucky enough to find himself in the same gym that was visited by Triple H. Joe De Franco, who was the owner of the gym, managed to show The Game a video of Amore cutting a promo and executing a few exercises which got him a tryout with the company. He would eventually get signed by WWE in 2012.

He would go on to form a popular partnership with Big Cass before eventually becoming a mainstay in WWE's Cruiserweight division, winning the Cruiserweight strap on two occasions.

However, Amore had a bad rep backstage and would get fired from the WWE after sexual allegations were leveled against him in January 2018. He was scheduled to defend the title against Cedric Alexander but that the match was nixed for obvious reasons.

In a shocking move, Amore would show up in the stands at the latest Survivor Series PPV, where he created quite a ruckus. The security team removed him from the arena and his antics led to a ban from the Staples Center.

The heart of the matter

Amore touched upon the topic of his dealings with Triple H during the interview with Title Match Wrestling. He claimed to the most significant relationship with the 14-time WWE Champion anyone has had in the past ten years. Quotes courtesy of Title Match Wrestling.

"I’m his red-headed stepchild. He never asked for this. I had my job threatened by Triple H personally,” stated Amore.

The former NXT Superstar said that he was never supposed to happen and got an earful from The Game many times for his actions, and sometimes it was validated.


He continued, "I’m the guy that he found on the back of a moving truck, and he gave me a tryout. You have to understand the way that I debuted. I was never supposed to happen. I think Hunter was going to fire me, or Bill DeMott was going to fire me.”

He revealed how he built a brand even before he had his first match. He sold merchandise, socialized with people in Florida and was making $600 a week even before he became a proper wrestler.

Amore explained, “I’m the guy setting up the ring and selling the merchandise. Every Friday armory show, I’m selling FCW shirts and I haven’t had a match yet. I’m paying my dues, and selling the most merch they’ve got. What am I doing? I’m building my brand before I even take the ring. I’m shaking hands with everyone in Florida, selling these t-shirts. Now they know the guy from the merch stands, and when I have a match they maybe remember me. All the other wrestlers have to watch it from the back, behind the curtain at the monitor, because that’s the stigma. You gotta be a star right? But for me, I’m not even a wrestler yet. I’m not a star, I’m making $600 a week.”

What's next?

The controversial personality is busy trying to get a career going in Rap under the moniker Real1. Regarding the sexual allegations, the investigation was discontinued due to a lack of evidence.

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