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WWE News: Trish Stratus announces her pregnancy

Rohit Nath
19.28K   //    11 Oct 2016, 07:02 IST
The WWE Legend is pregnant for the second time!

WWE Legend and Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus took to twitter to announce that she is pregnant with her second child

We at Sportskeeda would like to wish Trish Stratus and her husband Ron congratulations on their second child.

Recently Trish celebrated the 3rd birthday of her first son Max as well

Stratus hasn’t wrestled a match since the Raw after Wrestlemania 27 when she and John Morrison defeated Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. Two years later, she was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and the next year she inducted her best friend and long-time on-screen rival Lita into the Hall Of Fame.

Both Lita and she were the pillars and flag-bearers of their time during the Attitude Era and a few years into the Ruthless Aggression Era until they both retired in 2006. While Trish left the company winning her 7th Women’s Championship, Lita left in a more unflattering manner.

Nevertheless, both their contributions to not just women’s wrestling but the business, in general, is never ignored. They were acknowledged last week on Raw when Sasha Banks and Charlotte headlined Raw for the first time since Trish and Lita did in 2004 for the Women’s Championship.

Trish came into the business as a model who was green but turned out to be one of the most natural learners and the fastest to pick it up, similar to how quickly Kurt Angle managed to pick it up so fast. This is why there is so much praise among fans for Trish while many other women of her time and also after her were criticized for not being able to do so. 

Trish made an appearance in the latest episode of the WWE Network show WWE 24 where she discussed the history of the women back in her era and the women of the Golden Era as well. She has been a huge influence on the women who have succeeded her and if it weren’t for women like her, it would be very unlikely that the revolution would have progressed like it has now.

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Rohit Nath
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