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WWE News: Tye Dillinger says WWE helped him to compete at AEW Double or Nothing

Published 13 Jun 2019, 18:06 IST
13 Jun 2019, 18:06 IST

Tye Dillinger aka Shawn Spears
Tye Dillinger aka Shawn Spears

What's the story?

Tyle Dillinger aka Shawn Spears made a startling debut at AEW: Double or Nothing, three months after being released by the company.

There had been rumors among the WWE Universe and pro wrestling fanbase that Shawn Spears was unhappy in WWE. Given that WWE and AEW have been throwing barbs at each other for a while, it would seem that Vince McMahon's wrestling promotion would not want his wrestlers to be able to perform at AEW.

However, according to Tye Dillinger during his interview with Chris Van Vliet, it appears that WWE might have allowed him to compete at AEW on purpose.

In case you didn't know...

Tye Dillinger asked for his release in February in WWE. Thankfully for him, the release was granted by the company.

Ever since coming to WWE, Dillinger had been the mainstay of the NXT brand. He was one of the top stars there and his 'Perfect 10' gimmick was massively 'over' with the fans.

However, his transition to the main roster was less than smooth. Lack of television time and inconsistent booking led to the fans not caring about Dillinger's main roster role, which ultimately led to him leaving the company.

The heart of the matter

While WWE is not known for being understanding with wrestlers who want to leave the company -- Luke Harper -- it appears on this occasion they were generous with Tye Dillinger. Given that Dillinger had a 90-day non-compete clause on his contract with the company, if he was released just a bit late by them, he would have not been able to compete at AEW: Double or Nothing.

However, it appears they consciously released him sooner so that he could be available for the event -- or at least that's Tye Dillinger likes to think.

"They knew that Double or Nothing had been announced at the time that I asked for my release. They are not stupid, they have their thumb on the pulse of what's happening in the wrestling world. I asked for my release on my birthday, February 19th, I was verbally granted it on Friday, it was 22nd or something. But I needed the paperwork officially and I did not get that till the following week. Had they waited an extra 24 hours, I would not have been able to do Double or Nothing. I think WWE was being gracious. They knew what was going on. I think they allowed me out at that time and do whatever I want, including Double or Nothing." - (Please H/T Sportskeeda for any quotes used from this article)

As a result of being granted release, he was able to compete at the Double or Nothing event.

What's next?

Shawn Spears might not have a contract with AEW on paper, but he might be seen on future AEW shows. Currently, he is working on the Independent Scene.

Modified 20 Dec 2019, 23:26 IST
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