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WWE News: Tye Dillinger serves hot chocolate to fans at NXT Live Event

The Perfect 10 continues to impress on all levels down in NXT.

Dillinger, Dawkins and Ford showed what great people they really are

What's the story?

Prior to an NXT live event in Philadelphia, Tye Dillinger and two other NXT Superstars served hot chocolate to cold fans, who were waiting in line to see the show at the Tower Theater. The temperatures in Philly have been awful over the last few days following a snowstorm, however, these NXT performers were on hand to save the day.

In case you didn't know...

Dillinger has been rising up the ranks in NXT for a long time now, with the 35-year-old's Perfect Ten gimmick gaining a great deal of momentum. Even before this act of kindness, he's been on a road to success, and this latest stunt will only serve to improve the WWE Universe’s opinion of him. After all, everyone loves a great good guy.

The heart of the matter

The freezing temperatures left a lot of fans pretty fed up of waiting in the cold, and despite the fact they could've been preparing for their matches indoors Dillinger, Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford took it upon themselves to help out those in need. They went down the line offering people hot chocolate, interacting with numerous fans in the process.

What's next?

This video will likely start floating around backstage, and hopefully, somebody will notice the outstanding efforts of these three gentlemen. It seems as if Dillinger, in particular, has all of the requirements necessary to thrive on both NXT and the main roster, and perhaps this will be the help Vince McMahon see how much potential this guy has both in and out of the ring.

Sportskeeda's take

It's no surprise to us to see Dillinger do something like this because he's just an all-round great guy. A few years back, Dusty Rhodes would reportedly write, "what is he still doing here?" in his reports about Tye because he's been ready for the main roster for such a long time now.

It's baffling that he isn't given more of a push, but hopefully, we're starting to see the beginning of that down in NXT.

The reactions he receives are so loud that you just can't ignore how popular he is among the WWE Universe. Honestly, within two years he could be a bonafide main eventer on either Raw or SmackDown Live - he's that good.

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