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WWE News: Tyler Breeze says it was an easy decision to leave the main roster for NXT

14 Jun 2019, 08:00 IST

Tyler Breeze felt at home in his recent return to NXT
Tyler Breeze felt at home in his recent return to NXT

What's the story?

Ever since he became a member of the main roster in WWE, Tyler Breeze hasn't experienced the best booking. Usually used as an enhancement talent, his own abilities were often overlooked.

Once the option to return to NXT was put on the table, he immediately took it. He expressed his feelings of returning 'home' when he spoke with recently.

In case you missed it . . .

Along with Seth Rollins, Big E, Neville and Sami Zayn, Tyler Breeze was one of the foundational talents that helped grow NXT as a brand.

He had several fantastic matches (Jyushin Liger) at TakeOver events but never captured the NXT Title. Once he was ready for a main-roster call-up, he took the chance.

Prince Pretty didn't receive the best booking as he was often used to put over other stars. His most successful tenure was as a member of the Fashion Police team with Fandango.

The heart of the matter

With the ratings of both Raw and SmackDown hitting some lows that are irksome to the WWE, they are trying anything and everything to cure them.

They created both the Wildcard Rule and the 24/7 Title. In a way to somewhat keep some talents from becoming disgruntled, management has allowed some stars to go to different brands.

Alexander Wolfe and Kassius Ohno joined NXT UK while Breeze was allowed to return to where he became a big deal, NXT. He reflected on his time there in a recent interview with

“So many years? It’s been four, OK? I decided to come back because I’m appreciated here. My work is appreciated here, and the crowd appreciates me here. There comes a time in everyone’s careers when you need to re-evaluate where you’ve been, where you’re heading and decide for yourself if you’re satisfied with life or if it needs to change. I said I was “inspired,” but we all know what I mean. I’m tired of being pushed to the side for other people with half, and that’s being generous, the talent I have. It’s time for Prince Pretty to take what he wants."

Breeze made it seem like it was a no-brainer type of decision, and due to the response he got in his return when he challenged the Velveteen Dream, he was right.

"One of the easiest choices of my life. I was built here. I was born here. Anytime I’ve ever questioned where I’m going, I head back home to NXT to get clarity. I head back home to recharge and reassess. And every single time it’s paid off. I trust myself. I trust my skill. I trust my passion. I trust NXT.”

What's next?

Breeze is lucky that he was allowed to return to NXT, but it appears that it was best for everyone. NXT is a completely different atmosphere than main-roster WWE, so it's not hard to understand why so many either want to stay in NXT or want to go back there.

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