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WWE News: Tyler Breeze talks about the differences between NXT then and now

Published Jun 14, 2019
Jun 14, 2019 IST

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Tyler Breeze was one of the men who helped set the ball rolling with NXT. 

What's the story?

When NXT first started out after being born from FCW, it was mainly a developmental territory for stars new to WWE to learn and adjust to the style of the company. It also allowed them to find their characters.

Since Tyler Breeze is technically one of the forefathers of NXT, he was recently interviewed by about how things have changed in the Yellow and Black brand since he was there.

In case you missed it . . .

FCW turned into NXT in February of 2012. It was originally a place where stars both new to the sport and those with experience would acclimate to the WWE style and to the sport itself.

Over time, it changed from being full of raw prospects to being filled with half raw prospects and half independent wrestlers. Nowadays, it has morphed into almost mainly independent stars mixed in with those new to the sport.

The heart of the matter

Breeze is someone who has gone from success in NXT to experiencing some lows on the main roster. While he did experience some as a member of the Fashion Police team with Fandango, an injury to his partner ended the venture.

He recently returned to his original home and challenged someone who is similar to him character-wise in the Velveteen Dream.

Both men are arrogant but have also found a way to endear themselves to audiences.

While he might have been the original Prince Pretty in NXT, Breeze decided to challenge the new kid on the block with a similar gimmick in the Dream.

Breeze spoke with about how things have changed since he was an active member of the yellow brand.

“The difference is maturity and priorities. When I was here before, I was a pillar helping to build NXT, and I was involved in every first imaginable. I built this brand into an empire … my empire, until I was plucked from my empire and unable to reap the benefits of my hard work. This time I’m not building anything. I’m not helping anything. I’m here for myself, plain and simple.”

What's next?

Although he was unsuccessful in capturing his first taste of WWE or NXT gold, Breeze might be used more in NXT going forward. He did help build the yellow brand up to where it is today.

More call-ups are likely to happen later in the Summer. Breeze would have more value helping tomorrow's stars instead of continually falling to Superstars in the same stage of their careers.

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