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WWE News: Tyson Kidd renewed his WWE contract months ago

Ambiguity strikes on Tyson Kidd's future.

What will Tyson Kidd’s future role be?

Last year, in the June 1st dark show before Raw, Tyson Kidd faced Samoa Joe. The match went on as normal, but then Samoa Joe hit his muscle buster finisher on Kidd, who then suffered a severe neck and spinal injury. This was an injury of an extreme degree, where apparently only 5% of people who suffer it survive it. The rest either die or become quadriplegic.

It is no doubt a miracle that Kidd survived it. It was said at the time that Kidd’s phenomenal physical shape is one of the main reasons why he was able to survive. However, this did put him on the shelf, and it appeared that his career was all but over. 

This was quite unfortunate since Kidd was just scratching the surface of his true potential when he was being paired with Cesaro. Both talents seemed to be benefiting from the tag team. Fortunately or unfortunately for Cesaro, he benefited more from Kidd’s injury, when he started to garner a lot of support and momentum as a singles star.

It was reported just a few days back that Tyson Kidd’s deal, which was ending next month, would not be renewed. This led to speculation that Kidd would get a position in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. However, there were no such reports stating that he would be joining there.

Now, MLW said on twitter that Tyson Kidd renewed his contract months ago.

This is not only an ambiguous tweet but quite surprising as well. It was said last year that it would be at least a full year before Tyson Kidd would even be able to consider the thought of returning to the ring. There have also been no reports that have shown that there is any good news for Kidd with regards to an in-ring return. If his in-ring career is so uncertain, why would WWE re-sign him as a talent?

It is also unlikely that Kidd will return in an on-screen role. However, if this news indeed is true, it is extremely interesting. It will make many curious to see if Kidd attempts to make a return in the ring despite having gone through a life threatening injury. 

Tyson Kidd will always be the final graduate from the famous Hart Dungeon, where his wife Natalya graduated from as well, being the only female wrestler to do so.

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