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WWE News: Tyson Kidd's contract coming to an end, unlikely to ever wrestle again

The final graduate of the Hart Dungeon does not seem to be receiving good news about his wrestling career any time soon

Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were former Tag Team Champions

Tyson Kidd faced Samoa Joe in a dark match before the June 1st edition of Monday Night Raw. He received a muscle buster that night which caused him a severe neck and spinal injury. Due to the nature of the injury, WWE announced the injury only about a week later.

The severity of the injury was to the extent that about 95 percent of people who get such an injury end up either as quadriplegic or dead. This means that Tyson Kidd was one of the five percent of people to survive an injury of this magnitude. It is indeed a miracle that he survived, and it is credited to his physical shape. Unfortunately, this spelt the end of his pro wrestling career.

While a life-threatening injury was made aware of, it was being said that it wold be over a year before Tyson Kidd could even consider the possibility of a return to the ring. However, now, it has been revealed that there have not even been talks of a timetable for return, and no positive news indicating a potential return to the squared circle.

The reason it is such a shame is that Tyson Kidd just began to show the potential and value he had on the roster. He was sent back down to NXT and feuded with Neville, being the heel. On the main roster, he ended up becoming Cesaro’s tag team partner and they became the WWE Tag Team Champions. This was benefiting, not only Kidd but Cesaro too. It appeared that both of them were singles superstars just waiting to breakout.

As long as it had taken for his successful run to begin, it was quickly taken away from him after the devastating injury at the hands of Samoa Joe. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for Tyson Kidd’s wrestling career, and for safety purposes, it is highly unlikely that Kidd will pursue a wrestling career outside of WWE. His contract expires next month, and naturally, it is very unlikely that Kidd will be re-signed as an active performer for WWE. 

It is highly possible that Kidd could have a non-wrestling role – perhaps as a coach in WWE’s Performance Center. Whatever Tyson Kidd was not fully able to show in the ring, he can use that to help build a younger star.

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