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WWE News: Tyson T-Bone talks about his reaction when the U.K. Championship tournament was announced and more

Tyson T-Bone has competed against the likes of WWE Champion AJ Styles and The Dudley Boyz.

T-Bone is a 2-time Preston City Wrestling Champion

What’s the story?

The Mirror recently caught up with Tyson T-Bone, who is among the 16 wrestlers competing in the WWE U.K. Championship tournament. During the conversation, T-Bone revealed his reaction when he was on the stage with the other competitors after Triple H announced the tournament and spoke about what he will bring to the table for the people who have not seen him wrestle so far.

In case you didn’t know…

The 35-year old is a British professional wrestler who has wrestled for promotions like Preston City Wrestling (PCW) and Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE). T-Bone is a 2-time PCW champion and also won the SWE Heavyweight Championship once. During his run at PCW, he competed against several popular names from the pro-wrestling world such as The Steiner Brothers, The Dudley Boyz and the current WWE champion AJ Styles.

The heart of the matter

On being asked about his feelings when he was standing on the stage of the O2 Arena alongside 15 fellow U.K. wrestlers after the announcement, Tyson T-Bone admitted that it was a shock as well as a reality check for him. He felt like all the hard work that he had done over the past decade or so has finally paid off for him. Here’s what he told The Mirror:

“An experience! A shock, a dream... and a reality check. All of a sudden I was stood there, it was suddenly legit, and it was like being hit in the face by a truck. It was like 'the last 10 years have all been worth it, this is your chance, go out there, be you, be the person you are and show the world you are good enough and deserve to be here, you've worked your ass off the last 10 years to get to this point and now you deserve it'.”

Speaking about what he has in store for those who will be seeing him in action for the first time, T-Bone claimed that it will be very different from the way he wrestled on the U.K. scene. He will be showing the world the ‘traveller’ inside him and will end up being the difference maker in comparison with the others. The Worcester-born wrestler opined:

“What people are going to see in the tournament will be very different to what people have seen on the UK scene. In the tournament I'm actually going to just be myself, which is a traveller. I'm going into it 100% showing that side of my life.

They can expect something very different, something they are not used to seeing. Compared to the other competitors, I will be a definite difference maker.”

What next?

Tyson T-Bone will get his opportunity to become the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion this weekend when the 16-man tournament for the title takes place at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, Lancashire, England.

Sportskeeda’s Take

The U.K. Championship tournament is an exciting opportunity for talented wrestlers from the region to show what they are capable of. In the long run, though, what will matter is how the WWE plans to take things forward from here.

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