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WWE News: UFC Legend wants to return to WWE 

Riju Dasgupta
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Shamrock claims that he can't understand why he isn't coming back

What's the story?

During the Attitude Era, MMA legend Ken Shamrock enjoyed considerable success in professional wrestling, becoming an integral component of the WWE roster, back then.

It is clear that he still nurtures a love for sports entertainment. During an interview with Wrestledelphia Radio, Shamrock said he can't understand why he isn't being called back to the company. We thank Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.

In case you didn't know...

Shamrock was a part of several memorable moments from the Attitude Era of sports entertainment. He was the special guest referee for the classic match between Bret Hart and Steve Austin, at WrestleMania XIII.

He wrestled in the Hart Family Dungeon with Owen Hart and also in a Lion's Den shortly afterwards. Some may even remember Ken Shamrock's feud with Val Venis, over his kayfabe sister and real-life sister, Ryan Shamrock.

For all his accolades in MMA, Shamrock was no slouch in the sports entertainment arena, either.

The heart of the matter

Shamrock is equally amazed and amused that while a lot of stars from his time have made a return to the company, he hasn't been called back yet:

I've been saying this for years. I'm not understanding that with everybody that I've seen come back - Kurt Angle, The Rock - how isn't Ken Shamrock there? If anybody makes sense in coming back and doing something with those guys coming back, there is no other better person than myself

At the same time, Shamrock said that he doubts that he'll be making a surprise Royal Rumble return anytime soon.

What's next?

You never say never in WWE, really. There's always a chance for a return to the company, at some point. Who knows if WWE will read this article, and considering bringing Shamrock back again?


Author's take

I loved watching Shamrock wrestle, back in the day. The feud with Owen Hart was the best thing that I'd seen in the mid-90s. I'd love to see him return, considering he still loves the product.

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