WWE News: Undertaker likes comment bashing WWE for putting his health at risk

  • The main event was a major letdown, as predicted by many.
Modified 08 Jun 2019, 11:15 IST

Taker and Vince
Taker and Vince

What's the story?

The main event of WWE Super ShowDown saw The Undertaker take on Goldberg in a match that didn't sit well with the fans one bit.

One fan commented on WWE's Instagram photo, demonizing WWE for putting Taker's health at risk. The comment was liked by The Undertaker's official Instagram account.

In case you didn't know...

WWE Super ShowDown is now a part of history books. The Saudi Arabia event featured a string of main event caliber matches, and was headlined by The Undertaker and Goldberg, in a match that the fans had been clamoring for since a long time.

As was feared by many, the bout was filled with a bunch of botches, and Goldberg later stated that he knocked himself out during the match. Additionally, the ending felt rushed and incredibly awkward, with The Undertaker coming out on top.

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The heart of the matter

WWE's official Instagram account posted a photo of the face-off between The Deadman and Goldberg, which was met with major fan backlash in the comment section. Most of the comments saw the WWE Universe berate the company for letting The Undertaker and Goldberg risk their health in the middle of the ring. Many pointed out that the two Superstars were clearly not being able to compete at the level they once were.

One comment featured a long-winded rant, requesting WWE to stop bringing The Undertaker back. It mentioned the fact that the two legends are in their 50s, and were not fit enough to compete in the main event. It also shed light on the fact that The Undertaker was struggling to stand after 5 minutes in the ring.

Surprisingly, The Undertaker himself liked the comment, which was pointed out by several other fans in the reply section. Here's the post in question:

Here's the comment that was like by The Undertaker:


The comment
The comment
Taker's account in the list of likes

What's next?

It seems like The Undertaker agrees that he is not fit to wrestle at this age. Hopefully, WWE understands the same before it's too late.

What was your reaction to The Undertaker's SSD match?

Published 08 Jun 2019, 11:15 IST
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