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WWE News: Update on the Cruiserweight Classic

But the WWE is still playing this one close to its chest

Triple H had an update on the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic tournament

Triple H spoke to the wrestling media in a conference call on Tuesday to promote NXT:TakeOver The End and the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic tournament in July, and had a few interesting sound bytes regarding the same.

When quizzed in particular about the Cruiserweight Classic, Philly.com noted that he had this to say:

When you bring in some of the names we’re going to be bringing in, I think this is going to be just an unbelievable opportunity over 10 weeks to see some amazing, amazing performers and we’ll be having some announcements of who those performers will be coming up,” 

“There’s going to be a lot of surprises, this show will be something … I believe like something you have never seen come out of the WWE or NXT, even in the way it’s presented, the commentary team, all of it. It’s going to be something totally different and I’m really, really excited about it.”

“You see guys that are technically gifted, mat-based wrestlers that don’t really go to the air at all. It’s an exciting shift in how that is seen and I’ve watched that take place in the last few years and it’s very exciting to me. It goes from just being sort of a car crash style, so to speak, to being based on a better long-term product of storytelling.

And according to Cagesideseats.com, the WWE could be withholding the names to participate in the tournament for as long as possible, just to keep the suspense alive.

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